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Anglesey in November. Parys Mountain, the remains of a huge open-cast and underground copper mine, has long been a source of interest. The extraction of vast quantities of copper ore cast a long and terminal shadow over the many Cornish copper mines unable to turn to the production of tin ore. This strange and colourfully scarred outcrop stands out above the the gentler rolling pasture of the island. It is silent and eerie place now.
In the poor November light the former slate quarries are haunted places too.. At Llanberis the remains of the Dinorwig group tower over the National Slate Museum.
Parys, the settling tanks looking NorthParys, The WindmillParys, The Open Cast from aboveParys. Copper outcropping in the open castPrys Mountain, quartz stringersBeaumaris Castle, North GatehouseBeaumaris Castle. Outer walls and moat

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